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Chambliss Startup Group Joins Starting Block Chattanooga as ‘Founding Partner’

Posted by on Jan 21, 2021 in Startup

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce recently launched Starting Block Chattanooga, a resource for entrepreneurs looking for support as they start and grow their businesses. Starting Block Chattanooga helps entrepreneurs grow and succeed by providing small businesses with free and easy access to resources and information. Chambliss Startup Group is pleased to partner with Starting Block Chattanooga as they connect a large network of business-related service providers and resources, including business planning, financing, marketing/sales, licensing/permits, product development, training classes, government contracts, and operations. For more information on the network, you can view our profile on the Resources webpage and watch this video to learn more about Starting Block. “We are very excited to be named as a resource among many other respected organizations in the startup community,” said Willa Kalaidjian, Chambliss Startup Group chair. “Starting Block Chattanooga is a convenient and accessible ‘go-to’ hub for the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners.” Founded in 2011, Chambliss Startup Group has continued to be deeply rooted in the startup community. The team of attorneys provide comprehensive 360 legal advice to entrepreneurs, emerging and high growth companies, and investors in a variety of industries. For more information about Chambliss Startup Group, the team, and the services we offer, watch Legal Insights for Emerging...

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