Developing an App? Protect your Intellectual Property!

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Startup

If your startup company is working on developing an app, remember that the app, or the development process, raises intellectual property issues that you should consider.

For example:

  • if there is a process or method embodied in the app, it may be something worth patenting
  • the app may have a name that should be protected by a trademark
  • the app may have terms used in connection with it that should be protected by a trademark
  • the app developer may treat the app’s source code or other aspects of the app’s development as a “trade secret
  • the content of the app itself should maybe be protected by copyright–if original (e.g. the app’s graphic, textual, images and artwork, database elements and software code)

If you’re working on an app, or having an app developed for your company, please see an attorney for further discussion on how best to protect your IP in the app.